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Home Safety Tips for Clients:



  • Make sure a lamp is within arms reach when your loved one is; in bed, in the living room, or any area they would sit or lay down.

  • Make sure common areas have enough light; Stairs, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Hallways.

  • Make sure the pathway to the bathroom is well lit at night.

Floors and Furniture:

  • Make sure sharp edges are covered; Tables, Desks, Counter Tops, etc.​​

  • Floors that are slippery add non-slip mats/rugs and tape where necessary; Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway (If your loved one doesn't have carpeted flooring).

  • Make sure all furniture is stabilized, and arranged with enough room to move around with ease and safely.

  • On stairways, make sure railing and staircase are stabilized.


  • Make sure all frequently used items are within reach; Cutlery, Pots and Pans, Dishes, Glasses and Mugs.

  • Consider temperature-controlled appliances that turn off automatically; Stove (Turns off stove top and oven).


  • Install support bars if necessary; In the Shower or Bathtub, Next to Toilet.

  • If necessary install a shower chair and raised toilet seat.

  • Place non-slip mats in shower/bathtub, near the shower/tub outside of it, and near sink.

General Safety:

  • Make sure your loved one has easy access to everything they use on a regular basis.

  • Make sure a list of emergency contacts is accessible.

  • Make sure smoke alarms are in every room and check batteries once a month.

  • Install support bars where needed; Hallway, Entryway.

  • Consider a medical alert device so your loved one can call for help in case of an accident.

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