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Water Ripples

A Benevolent Touch, LLC., is dedicated to providing individualized In-Home Assistive Care services contributing to the mental, physical, and social development of each client. As professionals, we expand the focus of In-Home Assistive Care to any setting that is "home" to our clients whether a home, residential facility, assisted living facility, nursing home, or hospital. We implement essential skills needed to meet the specific needs and requirements due to aging, illness, recovery or rehabilitation to enhance the quality of life for as long as possible by maximizing their independence. Although we're empathetic to all, the benefit of being able to stay at home is invaluable within the elderly community and we value the opportunity of  treating our clients with the highest level of dignity and respect. Our services are implemented as part of an overall Plan of In-Home Assistance to keep the client(s) safe and independent with their personal environment. We understand choosing your In-Home Assistive Care provider is one of the most important choices you'll have to make. We consider it our duty to make sure that our Caregivers are compassionate, competent, caring and share our care philosophy.


We look forward to satisfying your In-Home Assistive Care needs with innovation and integrity. 

Water Ripples

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