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Hey There

I am Tiffiny Arson, Owner of A Benevolent Touch. I love being able to others whenever I can, part of the reason why I started the company. This company is my passion as you will see within my services. I look forward to meeting each of your individual needs.

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How It Started

I started this company based upon my experience within the Health Care field itself having ten plus years experience as a CNA, and life experiences. Over the years I've had the joy of becoming attached to someone's loved one. Some can be mean, or unwelcoming to a new face, while others are welcoming to tell you their life stories of how they travelled, struggled, marriage, and/or raising a family. Our greatest lessons come from individuals who have lived before us and survived. The individuals that are unwelcoming at first, a lot of it is due to their surroundings changing with a blink of an eye,  they're not home anymore and they don't see familiar faces. I'd be upset as well. My experience I have noticed the decline in Clients' health because they're unhappy, they don't have visitors as they did at home so they become depressed. Some circumstances are unavoidable to where you have to place them in a home. However, within the past five to six years I've watched as the value of health care isn't based upon care any more, the value is money. The type of insurance you have depicts the type of care you receive, and how your new living area may look - a shared room or individual room. There still are many, many genuine nurses and aides that love what they do and go above and beyond the call of duty. And just as there are those, you have the others that do it only for the paycheck. I am here implementing the steps needed so your loved one can stay where they are comfortable and not in any danger of harming themselves. My Grandmother born in 1933, still lives in the comfort of her own home, and fully functional. I pray I live to do the exact same.

I look forward to meeting your loved ones and I thank you for trusting me with their happiness.

Tiffiny Arson, Owner

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