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New Mothers/Parents Care

The growth of a family is gift, and anyone can agree that doesn't mean its easy. We offer this service to new mothers/mothers-to-be throughout the pregnancy term and afterwards, and new parents. Regardless if you're expecting your first or third baby, any addition to the family requires time to adjust and we are happy to assist leaving you with more time with your new bundle of joy. Not only does it take a lot of work, time, and energy to meet the needs of the new baby .. the hormonal and emotional changes can be very intense at times. With new mothers/mothers-to-be there are different health complications that may or may not arise, some worse than others such as: Ongoing Morning Sickness, All-Day Nausea, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Gestational Diabetes, Anemia, Pre-eclampsia, plus more. This often creates a lot of anxiety for a new mother and surrounding family. Post-Delivery care is important for the Mother's physical and mental health as it has a direct impact on the baby, herself, and the family as a whole. 

Assistance During Pregnancy

We provide assistance during pregnancy if you're on strict bedrest or just needing assistance preparing for the new addition. This is essential for New Mothers to make sure they're taking care of themselves, not straining to complete every tasks and ensuring that the baby is safe as well.

We Can Assist You With The Following:

  • Meal Prep and Clean-Up

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Stocking Kitchen 

    • *With prepared meals, or items for the new addition​

  • Bed Rest Assistance​

    • *Depending on clients needs​

    • *Can be used for Companionship or emotional support

  • Preparing and Organizing the Home for the New Arrival ​

  • Organizing and Scheduling Services Outside of Our Company Services

Plus More, Including Our Homemaker and Companion Care Services

Assistance When The Baby Arrives

We assist with the transition while you care for and enjoy the new addition to your family. The assistance we provide will grant you a peace of mind knowing that the smaller things and daily tasks are taken care of for you. 

We Can Assist You With The Following:

  • Personal Assisting Services 

    • *For Example: After a C-Section

  • Scheduling and Assisting with Post - Delivery​ Appointments

  • Organizing and Scheduling Outside Services

  • Assistance with Visitors

Plus More, Including Services Listed Above and Our Homemaker and Companion Care Services

We Are Here to Help You Avoid The Restless Times.
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